Art for Dignity and Justice

I had the great privilege to create a piece on behalf of the Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project for the October 5th National Day of Action March for Dignity and Justice! The piece is currently featured on Culture Strike and Not1MoreDeportation. We, as CCNSP, are very humbled to be able be part of such a pivotal moment for our communities and we will continue demanding dignity and justice for as long as it takes! We hope to see you all out on October 5th, too!

Feel free to share the graphic widely through your social networks! Please, credit Rommy Torrico and link back to collierstoriesmatter.org or blog.collierstoriesmatter.org. We hope to get prints soon so if you’re interested, feel free to email us with your name and the quantity so that we have an idea of how many we will need to order. Send all inquires to rommy@collierstoriesmatter.org

CS real final_1_EDITS_SPAN_letter

Also featured on Not1MoreDeportation is our Paletero piece! We will have 5×8 postcards available on donation at our trainings, events and online. Keep a look out!


CommUnity Portrait Project

There is a fountain of strength and power within our stories and our communities that we must not forget. These are some of the many faces of the struggle against immigration enforcement in SW Florida. El pueblo presente, el poder se siente!

*All photographs are part of the Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project. Credit to Rommy Torrico.

Meet 2012 Artivism Contest Winner: Alexis Meza!

The CCNSP team chose the winner for the 1st Annual Artivism Contest last year! The winner was chosen from anonymous cast ballots from team members of the Project. For her outstanding artwork, CCNSP awarded Alexis with $200 towards her creative endeavors. In return, Alexis gave us the rights to her artwork for future reproduction.

Here’s her beautiful masterpiece:

Scan 2

Alexis had this to say:

As an undocumented artivist, I am happy to know that my art has no borders and is able to transmit the messages I personally put in them. Thank you for recognizing my art, and for choosing it to be the winner. I hope that more opportunities like this keep coming in the future, the uncodu-artists like myself appreciate them very much! ” 

CCNSP would like to thank all of our contest participants for submitting amazing art that lifts up our immigrant communities! Thank you for your creativity, passion and imagination!

Alexis Meza Picture

EXTENDED DEADLINE OCT 15!!! Alza Tu Voz: “Our Immigrant Communities” Art Contest

Calling all artists! 

About the Art Show

The Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project will be hosting its first ever art exhibit series showcasing the work of socially conscious artists from Florida and beyond. This show will serve as a fundraiser for our community bail and service fund.

The art exhibit will be a series of shows across the Naples and Immokalee area that will start in November. The shows are themed “Our Immigrant Communities” and artists are to connect their pieces to interpret the meaning of that phrase.

Details on the Submission of Art Pieces 

We are calling all artists, far and wide, to submit and donate art pieces using any type of medium. Be it painting, photography, sculpture, digital graphic, drawing- we want to showcase it! The pieces will be sold with all proceeds going to our community bail and service fund to establish immediate financial support for families that cannot afford bail for their loved ones in detention.

We humbly ask artists to donate their pieces in order to make this fundraiser a success. Please contact Alicia at alicia@collierstoriesmatter.org if you have questions regarding the submission of pieces.

Theme: Our Immigrant Communities

All pieces should tie back to the main theme and artists should expand on their own interpretation of images that show opposition to the unjust deportations of individuals in our community and that also show hope for a new future by fighting back. All artists will be showcased for their work with the possibility of possible reproduction of any digital works or paintings that have uplifting and positive undertones. Organizations in the state will be invited to bid on some of the works for possible poster reproduction.

Types of mediums (not an exhaustive list). Whatever you submit must be your own creation:

  • Drawing/painting
  • Sculpting
  • Music
  • Poetry/Spoken Word
  • Jewerly
  • Pottery
  • Wood Work

You can enter anything you created with your own two hands and that stands for something. We are open to anything!

All pieces must be submitted by October 15th. They should include your full name, a description of yourself, the name of the piece, a description of the piece, why you made it and the medium you used. If you wish to remain anonymous, please email us. 

*If you have any, send us some of your personal business cards so that we can have that as part of your piece exhibit.

Email digital work to Alicia at alicia@collierstoriesmatter.org or Rommy at rommy@collierstoriesmatter.org

Mail other types of work to Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project at 15275 Collier Blvd #201-152 Naples, FL 34119. Please notify us prior to mailing in order to make sure there are no problems.