Resources for Undocumented Students in Florida

Revised February 2014

We will be revising this list often; We hope you find this helpful as an educator, a student or a parent.

If you have questions or need other resources, please email us at

NATIONAL RESOURCES AND SCHOLARSHIPS–Newly released national scholarship fund just for dreamers. Read more here

 STATE SCHOLARSHIPS– CHISPAS, an organization at the University of Florida, awards 2 $500 scholarships each year. The Young American Dreamers awards $1000 scholarship each year.


Find out when to renew your DACA

Art for Dignity and Justice

I had the great privilege to create a piece on behalf of the Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project for the October 5th National Day of Action March for Dignity and Justice! The piece is currently featured on Culture Strike and Not1MoreDeportation. We, as CCNSP, are very humbled to be able be part of such a pivotal moment for our communities and we will continue demanding dignity and justice for as long as it takes! We hope to see you all out on October 5th, too!

Feel free to share the graphic widely through your social networks! Please, credit Rommy Torrico and link back to or We hope to get prints soon so if you’re interested, feel free to email us with your name and the quantity so that we have an idea of how many we will need to order. Send all inquires to

CS real final_1_EDITS_SPAN_letter

Also featured on Not1MoreDeportation is our Paletero piece! We will have 5×8 postcards available on donation at our trainings, events and online. Keep a look out!