Meet 2012 Artivism Contest Winner: Alexis Meza!

The CCNSP team chose the winner for the 1st Annual Artivism Contest last year! The winner was chosen from anonymous cast ballots from team members of the Project. For her outstanding artwork, CCNSP awarded Alexis with $200 towards her creative endeavors. In return, Alexis gave us the rights to her artwork for future reproduction.

Here’s her beautiful masterpiece:

Scan 2

Alexis had this to say:

As an undocumented artivist, I am happy to know that my art has no borders and is able to transmit the messages I personally put in them. Thank you for recognizing my art, and for choosing it to be the winner. I hope that more opportunities like this keep coming in the future, the uncodu-artists like myself appreciate them very much! ” 

CCNSP would like to thank all of our contest participants for submitting amazing art that lifts up our immigrant communities! Thank you for your creativity, passion and imagination!

Alexis Meza Picture


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