SWFL Scholarship Opportunity Now Open for Undocumented Students

March 2nd, 2015 

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The Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project is releasing the first ever scholarship fund for undocumented students in Southwest Florida (Collier and Lee Counties). We are excited to offer one qualifying community member a $500 scholarship to go toward their future or current educational prospects. This opportunity was made possible by the generous donation by the Luque Law Firm, P.A. For more information on this firm, please scroll below.

You can download the application here 


The Launchpad Fund knows that financial assistance for undocumented community members seeking educational opportunities is extremely limited. Because of this, we believe that by helping our community with financial support, dreams that were once unattainable become possible. We believe in our namesake: providing a Launchpad for individuals to reach their dreams. 


One $500 scholarship is available for a community member who meets all of the following requirements:

  1. Reside in Collier or Lee counties
  2. Do not have legal status in the country (i.e. Permanent residency or U.S. citizenship) or have received Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) or Temporary Protective Status (TPS); ***
  3. Demonstrate financial need*
  4. Are currently a high school senior, obtained a high school diploma or GED equivalent;
  5. Are attending or seeking to attend:**
  • a community college;
  • a four-year university; or
  • a trade/vocational/technical school
  1. Have obtained a 2.5 GPA
  2. Have one letter of recommendation*
  3. Commit to working with the Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project*
  4. Submit a personal statement/submission*

Applications should be sent to:

Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project

P.O. Box 62071

Fort Myers, FL 33906

postmarked by May 22nd, 2015. We are NOT accepting electronic applications. Semi-finalists will be contacted for a final interview and the finalist will be notified by late June 2015. Questions regarding the application can be emailed to launchpad@collierstoriesmatter.org

*These topics are discussed in detail in the next page **If in high school, send us a copy of an unofficial transcript. If you have graduated, send us a copy of your high school diploma or your GED certificate. Please do not send us originals. Only copies. ***Send us a copy (not an original) of your DACA/TPS approval notice.


Luque law firm logoThe Luque Law Firm, P.A.

Immigration Attorney

Erica Luque, Esq. – Managing Partner

5037 Tamiami Trail East

Naples, Florida 34113

(239) 986-1196


In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students Passes in Florida!

May 2014

It is very exciting to share that the in-state tuition bill, HB851, passed the FL House of Representatives with overwhelming support on May 2nd! It now moves to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law. In the past two months, the in-state tuition bill has moved from the Senate to the House of Representatives because of continued pressure by undocumented students who mobilized to Tallahassee to see their dreams become reality!


Below you will find press coverage as well as pictures of CCNSP’s involvement in this victory!

In the coming months, we hope to move forward with an education initiative to make sure in-state tuition as well as other resources for undocumented students make their way to those that need them.

If you have questions or want to get involved, please contact us at info@collierstoriesmatter.org



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Wink News May 3

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Naples Daily News

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Seeking Volunteers and Interns!


EMAIL SUBMISSIONS TO: interns@collierstoriesmatter.org

DEADLINE: Applications will be received on a rolling basis

Visit our website: www.collierstoriesmatter.org

Position overview: The Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project is seeking interns to start immediately. The ideal candidates will be fast learners with a strong interest in immigrant rights. Previous experience working with coalitions and distributed teams successfully is a plus. The interns will report directly to Project Coordinator. Position location varies.  This is an unpaid internship but we will work with students to facilitate school credit. Position descriptions are included at the end.

We will interview with potential candidates as deemed necessary

Commitment: flexible, preferable at least 8-10 hours per week; start date and duration are negotiable , a courtesy notice of a least 2 weeks prior to leaving is required

Candidates must have their own transportation, phone and laptop.

Some responsibilities for positions will overlap so that all interns gain experience in related fields.

Intern positions include:

  • Deferred Action Program
  • Development (Fundraising and Grant Writing)

The number of interns for each position will vary.

Location(s): Naples and Immokalee, FL (the area of Collier County) and/or can work remotely

Internship Application 2013

Comunicado de Prensa: Jornada Legal de Acción Diferida y Reunión Comunitaria en Naples


Contacte: Andres Machado, 239-595-6064, media@collierstoriesmatter.org

Jornada Legal de Acción Diferida y Reunión Comunitaria en Naples

 El Proyecto: Colección de Voces y FL Sueño se unen en colaboración para traer una clinica legal gratis con apoyo legal de 3 escuelas de leyes diferentes

Cuando: Lunes, 11 de marzo de las 10 AM hasta las 4 PM, seguida por una reunión comunitaria a las 7 PM en el mismo lugar

 Donde: New Haitian Church of the Nazarene

5085 Bayshore Drive, Naples, FL 34112

Ver Mapa

Quienes: Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project (CCNSP) o Proyecto: Colección de Voces en español, FL Dream, Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC), Florida International University (FIU) – College of Law, University of Miami Law School, Ave Maria Law School, and Students Working for Equal Rights (SWER)

 Naples, FL – Como el primer pare de una gira estatal por el grupo FL Sueño, el condado de Collier realizará una jornada legal sobre la acción diferida para aquellos estudiantes o jovenes indocumentados que puedan calificar. La jornada proveerá servicios gratuitos incluyendo ayuda con la aplicación y repaso de documentos. Los servicios se darán en ingles y español por abogados certificados de Miami. Citas están disponibles pero se aceptarán individuos sin turno previo.

“Estoy entusiasmado en tomar el liderazgo en esta nueva iniciativa del Proyecto: Colección de Voces,” dice Andres Machado, un estudiante destacado de FGCU y nuevo coordinador de esta jornada. “Estamos esperando llegar a cientos de jovenes en el area, hasta aquellos en Fort Myers, si es posible.”

La clinica estará abierta al publico empezando a las 10 AM hasta las 4 PM y directamente después se auspiciará en el mismo lugar una reunión comunitaria a las 7 PM. La reunión comunitaria estará abierta a participantes de la clinica quienes quieren aprender sobre temas de inmigración local y quieren continuar realizando estas clinicas gratuitas en el área.

Andres añade: “los individuos asistiendo deberían tomar nota traer evidencia en forma de documentos para repasarla con los abogados presentes. Tenemos una lista de documentos que se deberían traer. ”

Haga cliq acá para ver la lista

El Proyecto: Colección de Voces es una iniciativa comunitaria que involucra y empodera a la comunidad inmigrante en el condado de Collier para que tome acción en las areas de la criminalización, discriminación racial y temas de poli-migra. Desde el 2012, el Proyecto ha realizado más de 30 entrenamientos de conocer tus derechos en 5 condados diferentes y ha entrenado más de 700 personas. Puedes visitar el sitio web www.colliestoriesmatter.org

FL Sueño es una campaña para ayudar a jóvenes indocumentados de bajos ingresos que desean aplicar Acción Diferida para los Llegadas en la Infancia (DACA por sus siglas en inglés). La campaña fue creada a mediados de 2012 por SWER, Pico Florida, FIU, Americanos por la Justicia Inmigrante y la Coalición de Inmigrantes de Florida. Desde entonces, FLSueño ha organizado 10 clínicas legales gratuitas en Miami, Broward y Homestead, ayudando a cerca de 4.000 familias de inmigrantes y finalizando cerca de 1.000 aplicaciones. Los solicitantes pueden pedir una cita en http://fldream.swer.org/appointments/


FREE DACA Clinic in Naples: March 11 from 10-4 PM-Clinica de Acción Diferida Gratis

The Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project is hosting its first ever DACA Clinic on March 11th from 10-4 PM in Naples.

We are bringing, for the first time ever, 4 different law schools to work together on applications for DACA applicants. They include the University of Miami, Florida international University, St. Thomas and Ave Maria law schools.

articles for outreach, Naples Daily News

Want to know what documents you need to bring with you? Quiere saber cuales documentos tiene que traer con ud?

Click here for English checklist

Click here for Spanish checklist (español)

You can read more about DACA here

Download the flyer in ENGLISH SPANISH


Alza Tu Voz: “Our Immigrant Communities” Art Exhibit Series Coming in November: Calling all artists!

Calling all artists! 

About the Art Show

The Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project will be hosting its first ever art exhibit series showcasing the work of socially conscious artists from Florida and beyond. This show will serve as a fundraiser for our community bail and service fund.

The art exhibit will be a series of shows across the Naples and Immokalee area that will start in November. The shows are themed “Our Immigrant Communities” and artists are to connect their pieces to interpret the meaning of that phrase.

Details on the Submission of Art Pieces 

We are calling all artists, far and wide, to submit and donate art pieces using any type of medium. Be it painting, photography, sculpture, digital graphic, drawing- we want to showcase it! The pieces will be sold with all proceeds going to our community bail and service fund to establish immediate financial support for families that cannot afford bail for their loved ones in detention.

We humbly ask artists to donate their pieces in order to make this fundraiser a success. Please contact Alicia at alicia@collierstoriesmatter.org if you have questions regarding the submission of pieces.

Theme: Our Immigrant Communities 

All pieces should tie back to the main theme and artists should expand on their own interpretation of images that show opposition to the unjust deportations of individuals in our community and that also show hope for a new future by fighting back. All artists will be showcased for their work with the possibility of possible reproduction of any digital works or paintings that have uplifting and positive undertones. Organizations in the state will be invited to bid on some of the works for possible poster reproduction.

Types of mediums (not an exhaustive list). Whatever you submit must be your own creation:

  • drawing/painting
  • sculpting
  • Music
  • Poetry
  • Jewerly
  • Pottery
  • Wood Work

You can enter anything you created with your own two hands and that stands for something. We are open to anything!


All pieces must be submitted by October 1st. They should include your full name, a description of yourself, the name of the piece, a description of the piece, why you made it and the medium you used. If you wish to remain anonymous, please email us. 

*If you have any, send us some of your personal business cards so that we can have that as part of your piece exhibit.

Email digital work to Alicia at alicia@collierstoriesmatter.org or Rommy at rommy@collierstoriesmatter.org

Mail other types of work to Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project at 15275 Collier Blvd #201-152 Naples, FL 34119. Please notify us prior to mailing in order to make sure there are no problems.