LP Scholarship for 2016

February 1, 2016 
Happy February! We come bearing exciting news!

Last year, we awarded our first ever $500 scholarship to Lesly Chavez, an Immokalee High School graduate, who is now a student at FGCU. We also awarded a runner up scholarship to Nancy Roque, a Naples High School graduate, to support her education at FGCU.

And now, our second round of scholarships is open once more! The scholarship is open to all students (pending other requirements) in Lee and Collier Counties.

The application is open until April 30th. See details on the application for more information.

Please share this exciting news with our community!

LP Scholarship_SP2016

Questions can be directed to launchpad@collierstoriesmatter.org 11024693_989258601094448_2103822018470383881_n