Enough is Enough, Senator Rubio: Call-in Days and Letter Writing Campaign

February 18th, 2013

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With an unprecedented number of deportations in the last four years and the recent announcement that ICE has “annual performance goals” to fulfill, our communities are hurting more and more with every passing conversation around “immigration reform”.

What does this mean, anyway? For many families, it doesn’t matter so long as there’s no conversation around a moratorium on deportations. No immigration reform bill or conversation with a legislator can be devoid of the very grim reality that immigrant communities are facing each and every day to survive.

  1. It cannot be devoid of the fact that the government, spending billions on immigration detention, is not a sound fiscal decision. Everyone living in the United States should be treated with dignity and be able to exercise rights afforded to him or her under our laws.
  2. Our current system is broken. Immigrants deserve access to a just, fair legal system; immigrants should not be unfairly detained, nor detained access to legal resources if detained; corporations should not profit off detention.
  3. We need to focus on policies that result in economic growth. Our current detention policy removes people-oftentimes the family breadwinner-from their communities, jobs and families.

So, in this re-energized conversation around immigration reform, it is our duty to make sure these points are uplifted and are heard loud and clear. Tell Senator Marco Rubio that “enough is enough”. 

Here are two things you can do starting NOW:

  1. Call-in Days: It is a simple task with a longstanding effect. For every 1 pro-immigrant call the Senator is getting, 3 more anti-immigrant calls surface. We must take action and call our Senator and Congressmen as many chances as we get.  

Call the Senator at his local Naples Office between 9-5 PM weekdays at 239-213-1521 or his DC office at 202-224-3041

       2.  Write a personalized letter to Senator Rubio to be on the “right side” of history. Tell             him that enough is enough for immigrant families who can longer live with fear of being deported or separated from their families. We need comprehensive immigration reform that fixes our broken system once and for all.

     We will deliver letters on February 28th when we meet with Marco Rubio’s Staff. Our            goal is to have at least 500 letters written, including from those detained or family members of detained loved ones. 

You can send letters to Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project at 15275 Collier Blvd #201-152 Naples, FL 34119. Email us at info@collierstoriesmatter.org if you have questions

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