CCNSP Immigration Reform Principles

With all this talk about immigration reform, we thought we’d share our take on what a real solution would mean to our communities.

There will be additions and modifications to this but this is the essence of what we fight for.

 CCNSP Immigration Reform Principles

  1. Address root causes of migration: Without an actual analysis of how different political and economic systems have played into immigration laws and foreign agreements, we will not achieve a systematic remedy to the displacement and exploitation that our communities continue to face both here and abroad.
  2. Family Unity is central to any legislation: If family unity is not an important element of any “blueprint” for immigration reform, we will stand to lose more than we will gain.
  3. Moratorium on Deportations NOW:  It makes no sense to push for a legalization effort that stands to benefit the 11 million undocumented individuals in this country, without stopping the mass deportation machine that has been working under the current administration.
  4. Terminate the current and future poli-migra systems in all its forms: Current enforcement programs that exist should be terminated completely. Additionally, predicating for more enforcement (Especially across an already militarized Southern border) is not “comprehensive” at all.
  5. Laws must be just and discrimination-free: We will not support a policy that throws our LGBTQ brothers and sisters under the bus. We hope that proposal is free of discriminatory and incendiary rhetoric and strives to mend what’s been broken for a long time.
  6. Impacted community members should be at the forefront of all conversation and should be in decision-making power: All legislation or policy should be reviewed the communities most impacted and they should have a say as to how to move forward. The President and Congress will be held accountable by them.

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