ACTION ALERT: National Call-in Day of Action: End 287g

December 13th, 2012

Washington, DC  Today rights groups across the country are participating on a national call-in day  urging the Administration to terminate the fundamentally flawed 287(g) deportation program instead of expanding it to 11 new counties.

This is our last chance and we need to make it count!

Participating organizations include: Florida Immigrant Coalition, ACLU of Florida, North Carolina Justice Center, Coalicion de Organizaciones Latino Americanas, ACLU of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, Centro Presente, VA Legal Aid Justice Center – Immigrant Advocacy Program, Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, Rights Working Group
On this national day of action, join the hundreds of other constituents who will call upon our national, state and local elected officials to bring an end to the poli-migra effect in Florida.

Read national press release here

Read about past press events related to this fight here 

End the 287g in Collier County and jacksonville, FL!

Action Steps:

The math is simple: the more calls we have, the better chance our shared voices will act as a megaphone and project what we want our elected officials to hear! We can make a major impact if we can jam up their local offices with as many calls within the business day as possible!

1. Pick up the phone and call the following targets from 9 AM to 5 PM! Use the pre-written message (or one of your own) that talks about the negative impacts we are seeing 287g bring to our communities!

2. Forward this information to a friend! Make sure they make a call! Anyone can call their DC offices, no matter where they live and ask our elected officials to intervene for us and pressure the administration and DHS to end the program!

It’s that simple!

CALL IN DAY small-2Sen. Bill Nelson 
Washington, D.C. 202-224-5274
Fort Myers 239-334-7760Sen. Marco Rubio
Washington D.C. 202-224-3041
Naples (239) 213-1521

Representative Connie Mack
Washington DC 202-225-2536
Naples 239-252-MACK
Cape Coral 239-573-5837

My name is ________________ and I live in _____________ , zip code ____________ and I am calling Senator __________ to urge him to intervene and pressure the Department of Homeland Security and the White House to terminate the 287g program once and for all. Instead of focusing on pushing out low-priority individuals and separating families, the White House and our Senator _______should work on passing just and comprehensive immigration reform that lifts up our communities, and doesn’t hurt them.

Sheriff Kevin Rambosk
Direct Line: 239- 252-0555

My name is ________________ and I live in _____________ , zip code ____________ and I am calling Sheriff __________ to urge him to re-evaluate the renewal of the 287g program once and for all. I know he has the power to step in and shouldn’t focus on pushing out low-priority individuals and separating families, but rather continuing the trust that has been built with the community. I don’t want to feel fearful for my families and friends and I don’t want to fear our local Sheriff’s Department.


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