IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project reacts to flawed program’s renewal


In reaction to the renewal of the 287g program in Collier County:

“We are not only disheartened that ICE would renew the flawed and costly 287g agreement, but appalled as well that Sheriff Rambosk would not heed our request, along with 41 other civic and community leaders, to terminate this controversial program. We strongly believe that the Sheriff’s Office will have to deal with the consequences of the community’s mistrust and pervasive fear with 287g’s renewal.

We maintain our position that 287g as well as other enforcement programs like Secure Communities should be terminated as this does not only alienate an already vulnerable immigrant community, but also casts a wider dragnet for individuals who do not fit the “priorities” of the program.

Additionally, we ask that the Sheriff not honor the ICE requests. An ICE hold or immigration detainer asks local officials to detain an individual in their custody 48 hours longer than they otherwise would, in order to faciliate transfer to ICE. These holds are not mandatory and the Sheriff should not honor them.

The fight is not over. We will continue fighting for the dignity and respect of our communities in Collier County and can only attain this with the termination of police and immigration collaboration. ”

The Collier County Neighborhood Stories project


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