Resources on Deferred Action for Undocumented Students


Download the newest information in English and Spanish



Students should visit for more information. This is a national organization that facilitates conversations for undocumented students.

United We Dream will be holding a webinar (online seminar) to inform all DREAMers on the new “Administrative Relief” policy that was signed last June 15th. Webinar will be led by Yale Law School Professors and members of the National Coordinating Comittee.
We will go over all the information and details you need to know such as: requirements for eligibility, when to gather documents and what kind, when to apply, what is going on right now, who not to contact, etc AND will try to address all questions you may have.

We will have 4 seminars total: Two on MONDAY, June 18TH and two on TUESDAY, June 19TH at
8 PM in English
9:30 PM in Spanish


The Florida Immigrant Coalition will be taking calls from students that have questions on the process: 305.571.7254


Legal Aid Service of Collier County is ready to help eligible Collier residents file their immigration deferred action applications.  To receive assistance, call 239-657-7442 or 239-775-4555.  As a non profit it does not charge for its services. Citizenship and Immigration Service will likely announce when it will begin  to receive deferred action applications and what will be necessary. People planning to file can start now to gather evidence of their eligibility such as birth certificates, time in the U.S.,  enrollment in school, and certificates or diplomas.


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