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Here are 3 things you can do to get involved:

1. Help us by voting for our project starting TODAY, June 12 at noon until July 3. Every vote counts!

2. Email 5 friends and encourage them to make a difference by voting.

3. Post this on your social networking pages, like Facebook and Twitter with this message:
 “Help the Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project win a $3,000 grant to tell stories! Visit to vote!”

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Who We Are

The Collier County Neighborhood Stories Project is a community initiative with the objective of collecting stories of police and ICE violations in Naples and Immokalee, Fla., that exist
because of programs like 287g and Secure Communities.

In order to obtain financial support for our video production team comprised of local student volunteers, CCNSP has applied for a grant.The idea is to continue collecting video “diaries” of courageous individuals willing to share their experiences and provide the proof our communities need to end these harmful enforcement programs.

Vote For Us Now!

The Power of Stories

287g and Secure Communities are separating our families, deporting our neighbors and friends by the hundreds and costing our taxpayers thousands of dollars.
The ramifications of these programs have a detrimental impact on our state. This has been well recognized not only by immigrant rights activists and organizers, but by faith-based organizations, business owners and policy makers as well.It’s time our elected officials acknowledge the facts and join on our side.

We need to continue sharing stories like that of Lazaro and Maria Poblano, two inspiring individuals who disclosed their struggle to the local media.
Lazaro was detained after a mere traffic stop. After 10 days, Lazaro was released because of pressure brought on by our community. Although our efforts were successful, we can still do more.

Vote For Us Now!

We need to continue empowering our communities to share their stories and thus, humanize the national debate on immigration. Eventually, our stories will unite us and help put an end to harmful enforcement programs.

Videos are the most powerful form of communication. They are our tools to create social change and impact. Showing a clip to a police officer of a child whose parents were deported because of a minor traffic violation can make a huge difference.With this grant, our video production team will be able to purchase equipment, cover transportation costs and most importantly, continue working as agents of change. We will continue to provide our communities with a safe space to tell their stories in their own words—uncensored and in the flesh.

We will keep you posted on our progress. Don’t forget to “like” our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter “@collierstories”


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