Day of Action for Jose!

Dear Friend:
Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 24th, Jose E. Lopez Melgar (from Fort Myers, Florida) will go before a Judge to find out if he qualifies for a bond so that he can return to his family and fight his case against deportation. The good news is, he would not have gotten to this point without your help, which means that your signature on his petition has already been a tremendous boon to Jose’s case.
I would like to request that you make one last effort — make a call to ICE today and demand that he be released without bond! The process takes approximately 1 minute, and all it requires you to do is to call 202-732-3000 & read the following script:

My name is ______, and I am calling to ask that Jose E. Lopez Melgar (A# 088-96-9036) be released from Krome Detention Center. Jose has a bond hearing tomorrow, and should be released on his own recognizance and returned to his family.

Attached, you’ll find a photo of Jose, and for more information on his case, please check out this article by!

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