Secure Communities in effect in GA deportations

Quotes from “5,000 deported in GA” 

“Nationally, the largest single group of people deported through the system had committed the least serious offenses — those punishable by less than one year behind bars, the records show. In Georgia, for example, 34 percent of the inmates deported through the program fell into that category. Nineteen percent of those expelled had committed the most serious crimes, including murder, rape, or sexual abuse of a minor.”

The quote above encapsulates why Secure Communities is not working in Georgia nor in the rest of the states it is already implemented in. In Florida, we have Secure Communities in every county.

and this is what happens:

“Civil and immigrant rights activists have demonstrated against Secure Communities in Georgia and called on the Obama administration to scrap it. They complain the program is tearing families apart, distracting police from more important priorities and funneling people who have committed minor crimes – including traffic offenses — into the deportation system.”

Read more here



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